Monday, November 7, 2011

We have moved!


                                     We have moved!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drift in the living room

One guy wanted to remember how to play with little cars on the floor in the living room when he was little. The problem was as follows: no longer toy cars. So I thought to try a real car. Watch the movie below to see what I've seen: Drift in the living room!

Ecologist Chipmunks

Did you know that millions of trees are planted in error by squirrels who bury their peanuts, nuts or acorns, and then forget where they placed. So squirrels protects nature of 'mistake' and we do not succeed even if we try ...

Sex with stewardess

In an airplane pilots forgot opened the microphone to communicate with passengers! Says one:
- What do we do? Have sex with stewardess or eat? The other responds:
- We eat first. Stewardess hears them and rushes to the cabin to them
warn that have left the station open, but stumble and fall. On
that old woman saying
- Take your time mother, did you hear? First they want to eat ...

Dog at 120 km / h

Dogs can not run very fast, but it seems like speed. As the owner accelerates the dog in the pictures below seems to enjoy more and more:

What would you do for Justin Bieber?

Remember the movie with teenagers who wallow on the floor when they heard that there are no tickets to Justin Bieber? It seems that one of them not so easy to give up her dream. The child took his virginity for sale on Facebook for a ticket to the long-awaited concert by Justin Bieber.

"My virginity for a concert ticket to Justin Bieber," wrote the minor whose name is not released on her Facebook account. I wonder when I come back when they sell their bodies for a picture of Justin Bieber. This world is becoming worse!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miranda Kerr Post-Baby Outrageously Fit in Bikini

Princess Artwork

                                                   Sleeping beauty artwork

                                                  Pocahontas artwork